In the education system, finding a substitute quickly is not always an easy task. Substitutus is a simple and effective tool for every school staff member to create a direct link to substitute teachers, of the region, and be able to consult their availabilities at any time, in order to assure an easy replacement of different periods of time.

Are you a substitute?

Substitutus allows you to view your availabilities and change them instantly via computer or mobile, which helps to avoid phone calls when you are busy. Furthermore, communication between you and the institutions, you chose to be available for, is direct.

Are you a teacher?

Substitutus removes the stress of having to find a substitute teacher in a last-minute situation. In addition, you will have the opportunity to choose the substitute that best fits your needs and those of your students.

Are you an administrative assistant in a school?

Substitutus gives you access to a detailed report of the replacements that have been made in your school and allows you to benefit from a computer tool that is easy and pleasant to use.

You manage schools?

Substitutus adapts to your needs. For example, apply your hiring conditions (respect for seniority, respect for the number of replacement days, respect for the skills required by substitute, etc.). Contact us so we can make this task easier for you to solve.